App's 'Gallery' feature. Curated photos for entertainment and education

UX design / UI design / App design

Team members: Juliane Fischer, Lisa Shahno, Judith Engel
Toileta app helps users quickly and individually search for safe and clean public restrooms. The analysis of the context of use showed that similar apps are usually used by people who are on the move and like to explore different aspects of big cities. Therefore, the developed app should support active users to feel free and flexible in their daily urban life.

Main features of the app:

  • Restroom finder - online map of public restrooms, which is also available offline
  • Search filter - rating system based on cleanliness, safety, availability of baby changing stations, wheelchair-friendliness and cost
  • According to research, many users use entertainment features of apps while on the toilet. Thus, the Gallery function for entertainment and education was developed as a logical addition to other functions. With this feature, users can view, filter, save and share with friends unusual or eccentric images of toilet designs
Persona: Rachel Lindenfels
28 - Student - in a relationship - Berlin
extroverted, active, creative, modern, structured
Rachel is a cosmopolitan, fun-loving young woman who spends a lot of time outdoors. Friends and family for her in the first place, right after studying, where she can express herself creatively

Rachel is a Communication Design student from Berlin. She lives in a shared apartment with her four fellow students. She loves to go shopping. Together with her boyfriend Max, she enjoys visiting museums and eating delicious food in city restaurants. Since Max is in a wheelchair, her mobility is limited. Nature is also important to her, so she likes to walk or have long picnics in the park

In the morning, Rachel goes to the university by bike or S-Bahn. During her lunch break, she usually sits in a nearby park with her fellow students and enjoys a meal. In the afternoons after class, she finds time to study and either goes out with her boyfriend Max or hangs out with her friends. On weekends, she also enjoys the nightlife and music in clubs or bars, preferably with all her friends
SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat
EXPECTATIONS: Respectful and mindful communication with others
DEVICES: iPhone, iWatch, iMac
  • Completed Master's degree
  • Later success as a freelancer
  • Grow old with Max
  • Experience and enjoy culture
  • Spend time with friends and partner
  • Exploring new things and places
  • A well-planned day in order to bring everything under one roof, e.g. friends, leisure time, university
  • No indication of disabled accessibility in public areas
  • Spontaneous changes in the daily schedule
Mit Freunden im Park zu picknicken ist das größte!
— Rachel Lindenfels
User Journey Map
Icons, font sizes & colors
Digital wireframes
High-fidelity prototype